Prohibited Items

Items do take.

Electronics and TVs

Office Chairs and Desks

Bagged Rubbish

Wood Furniture



Construction Waste


Dryers and Washers

Clothing and Toys

Wardrobes and Bedside Tables

Play Equipment

Fridges and Cookers

Other Appliances

Green Waste

Hot Tubs

Mattresses and Beds

Recyclable Materials

Treadmills and Weights

General Waste Items

And More! list of prohibited items. cannot take the following items for our waste clearance/rubbish removal services.

Biohazard Items

Pressurized Containers

Bleach and Cleaners


Car Fluids Like Oil and Antifreeze

Car batteries

Gas Bottles

Items Located in Dangerous Areas

Raw Meat or Meat Unless In Sealed Packaging

Wet Paint

Fuels Like Petrol or Diesel

Clinical or Biological Waste

Fire Extinguishers

Herbicides and Pesticides

Any Other Hazardous Materials

Items Too Massive To Lift Safely

Other than the items just mentioned we can pretty much take anything.


If you are unsure of something you may have that you want to take then simply give us a call on 0800 002 5253 or send us an email at